John Thompson

Position: Verger

Location: Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Petersburg, Virginia

The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church (VGEC) "Fellow of the Guild"

VergerJThompsonsealOften you’ll see a person in a church wearing a simple cassock and moving about the church preparing for worship, leading processions and generally helping to insure that services are running smoothly with minimal distractions for the congregation. You might ask who is this person…’s the Verger.
Today, in many parishes and cathedrals you will see a Verger ceremonially leading the Procession. The Verger wears a gown and carries a Virge (staff of office) to help clear the way and point the way for the procession.
A verger is a member of the laity, serves the church in a ministry of welcome and works under the direction of the Priest.
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