Marjorie T. Goodwin

photo from Women's Day 2014
photo from Women's Day 2014

Position: Episcopal Church Women (ECW), President

Location: Petersburg, VA

"Centered in congregations, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) empower women to do Christ's ministry in the world."





ECW Officers (2017):

President - Marjorie T. Goodwin

Vice-President - Marjorie T. Goodwin

Treasurer - Nancy Ross

Financial Secretary - Mrs. Annie Henderson

Recording Secretary - Harriet Scruggs

Prayer & Worship - Mrs. Minnie Wallace



Committee Chairs -

Coffee Hour - Yvonne Coleman, Marie Carol Jones, and RJ Bragg

Seder – RJ Bragg

Women's Day - Tanya Harris and Marjorie Goodwin

Recognition of Graduates - Marjorie Goodwin

United Thank Offering (UTO) - Bennie Wooten

Yard Sales - Yvonne Coleman, Robin Magee, Sylvia Martin, and Margaret Whiteman

Jewels Celebration/Family Dinner - Veronica Fountain

Community Outreach - (Jackson Field Home) Annie Henderson and Ann Taylor; (CARES) Edna Humphrey

Bereavement Repast - Yvonne Coleman

Parish Project - Nancy Ross

Parish Outreach - Annie Henderson, Marie Carol Jones, Robin Magee, Bennie Wooten