Position : Trustees


SECTION 1.  There shall be at least three (3) Trustees.

The Vestry shall ensure "the appointment of Trustees under the Code of The Commonwealth of Virginia to hold the legal title of the Church property..."

John Thompson

Position: Verger

Location: Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Petersburg, Virginia

The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church (VGEC) "Fellow of the Guild"

Church Staff/Officers


Rev. Willis R. Foster Rector
Mr. John R. Thompson, Senior Warden
Ms. Cassandra Coleman, Junior Warden
Mr. Cecil T. Jones, Minister of Music
Ms. Joan Campbell, Treasurer
Vacant, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Robin Magee, Register
Mr. John R. Thompson, Verger


Sandra Garner

Position: Lay Readers, Chairperson

Location: Petersburg, VA

What ministry can a lay reader perform?  In Anglican (Episcopal) tradition he is limited to certain functions within the range of worship services of the Church.  He/She can:

Charles Palmer

Charles "Buck" Palmer

Position: Men's Club, President

Location: Petersburg, VA

The Patterson-Ransom Men's Club of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church of Petersburg, VA supports the mission of the Church through prayer, service and education in knowing Christ. 

Marjorie T. Goodwin

Position: Episcopal Church Women (ECW), President

Location: Petersburg, VA

"Centered in congregations, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) empower women to do Christ's ministry in the world."

Clifton Dickens Sr.

Position: Altar Guild, Coordinator

Location: Petersburg, VA

The Altar Guild is a group of women and men who work behind the scenes preparing and tending the sanctuary where we worship. Our goal is to work with our priest, Rev Foster, to see that the service runs smoothly. We try to avoid surprises by having the sanctuary prepared before worshippers arrive and by having everything needed for the service cleaned and in its place so that the sacraments and offices of the church can be conducted with order, decency and beauty. Our Altar Guild prepares for and cleans up after two services weekly. In addition we prepare for and clean up after all special services that occur at our church — seasonal services, weddings and funerals.

Michael Walker

Nancy Ross

Position: Acolyte Master

Location: Petersburg, VA

In Anglican churches such as the Episcopal Church of the United States or the Church of England, altar servers
are called acolytes and can be of either sex and any age (although usually no younger than ten).