Installation of Vestry

January 2018

Vestry Meeting plus election of Wardens.  Installation of Vestry, Wardens and other officers of the Church

CANON 14: Of Parish Vestries

Sec. 1. In every Parish of this Church the number, mode of
selection, and term of office of Wardens and Members of the
Vestry, with the qualifications of voters, shall be such as the State or
Diocesan law may permit or require, and the Wardens and Members
of the Vestry selected under such law shall hold office until their
successors are selected and have qualified.
Sec. 2. Except as provided by the law of the State or of the Diocese,
the Vestry shall be agents and legal representatives of the Parish in
all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the
Parish to its Clergy.
Sec. 3. Unless it conflicts with the law as aforesaid, the Rector, or
such other member of the Vestry designated by the Rector, shall
preside in all the meetings of the Vestry.

 Welcome 2018 Vestry Members: James Norman (2021), Joyce Small (2021), and John Thompson (2021)

Joy Chapman (2020), Cheryl Cutler (2020), and Cassandra Coleman (2020)

Congratulations 2018 Vestry Officers: Charles Palmer, Senior Warden and Cassandra Coleman, Junior Warden